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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Home and school literacy practices in Africa: listening to inner voicesNgwaru, J. Marriote; Opoku-Amankwa, Kwasi
2011Multilingual education in South Africa: the role of publishersNgwaru, J. Marriote; Edwards, Viv
2014Exploring University Students' Gender Role Attitudes and their Effects on Sexuality and Behaviour Towards HIV/AIDS Prevention: A Case StudyChinangure, Farai; Mutekwe, Edmore
2015Parent-Teacher Empowerment and Early Years Quality Literacy Development for Lifelong LearningNgwaru, J. Marriote
2015-01Educational infrastructure and resources for sustainable access to schooling and outcomes: the case of early literacy development in southern TanzaniaNgwaru, Marriote; Oluga, Mary
2015-05Global Competence and Internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Learners with Special NeedsMagwa, Wiseman; Podzo, Barbara; Shava, Kudzai
2017Stigmas associated with condom use among adolescents of school going age and their effect on prevention of HIV and aids among students in small conservative communities of Zimbabwe.Chinangure, Farai
2017The Integration of Technology in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: The Missing LinkChinangure, Farai; Mapaire, Lawrence
2018Messianic Characterisation of Mugabe as Rhetorical Propaganda to Legitimise his Authority in Crisis SituationsMusendekwa, Menard
2018-01Effectiveness of Feedback and How It Contributes to Improved Instruction and Learner Performance: A Case Study of Newly Qualified Mathematics Educators in Johannesburg West SchoolsChinangure, Farai; Mapaire, Lawrence; Chindanya, Andrew
2019Curriculum Reform: A Key Driver to the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher EducationPodzo, Barbara Z.; Chipika, Charles G.
2019Assessment experiences of students with disabilities in higher education: a case of students with disabilities at one higher education institution in Masvingo district of ZimbabwePodzo, Barbara Zvisinei; Chipika, Charles Govero
2019The Effects of Transfer of Learning and Literacy: An Analysis of Graffiti and Sgraffitiin the City of JohannesburgChinangure, Farai; Mapaire, Lawrence
2019The Wise Women Tradition in 2 Samuel as Backdrop for Women Participation in Public Spheres in ZimbabweMusendekwa, Menard
2019References to the Messiah in the Pentateuch, Isaiah and Daniel: A Zimbabwean PerspectiveMusendekwa, Menard
2019Mentoring experiences of student pastors from a theological college in ZimbabweNdamba, Gamuchirai, T.; Munamati, Simbarashe
2021Three some’ and substance abuse among street children of the Harare Central Business District, ZimbabweChikoko, Witness; Zvokuomba, Kwashirai; Mwapaura, Kudzai; Nyabeze, Kudzai
2021The Nature and Efficacy of Coping Mechanisms Employed by Persons Living with Disabilities Induced by Road Traffic Accidents in Zimbabwe: The Case of St Giles Rehabilitation Centre, HarareMwapaura, Kudzai; Chikoko, Witness
2021Multiple barriers encountered by persons with injuries sustained from road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe: implications for development workMwapaura, Kudzai
2021Breaking the cycle of poverty through early literacy support and teacher empowerment in early childhood educationNGWARU, J. MARRIOTE