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Title: The Resilience of Female Sex Workers in the Wake of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe
Authors: Nyabeze, Kudzai
Jakaza, Tafadzwa Ngonidzashe
Chikoko, Witness
Mwapaura, Kudzai
Zvokuomba, Kwashirai
Keywords: Resilience, COVID-19, social protection, livelihoods, sex work, Zimbabwe
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Asian and African Studies
Abstract: The paper interrogates the resilience of female sex workers in the wake of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe. The paper draws literature from global, regional and national perspectives using the resilience theory. Major findings reveal that the COVID-19 lockdown measures have disrupted the livelihoods of female sex workers. Hence, female sex workers have resorted to online sex work and some entrepreneurship. There has also been consistent breaching of the lockdown regulations in a bid to make ends meet. Therefore, the study concludes by recommending the need to extend social protection floors to this vulnerable group.
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