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Title: Multiple barriers encountered by persons with injuries sustained from road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe: implications for development work
Authors: Mwapaura, Kudzai
Keywords: inclusion, injuries, barriers, road accidents, Ubuntu, Zimbabwe
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Development Administration
Abstract: This article explores the multiple barriers that are faced by persons with injuries sustained from road accidents in Zimbabwe. To gain deeper insight of the realities that they encounter, the study embraced a qualitative methodology using in-depth interviews with people who were recovering from injuries from road traffic accidents. An Ubuntu approach was embraced as the theoretical framework for analyzing these barriers. Ubuntu is an African worldview that values positive, humane and reciprocal relationships in family, community and society. Ubuntu is also about justice, inclusion, engagement, humanness, and recognition of people who are often marginalised. The research findings show that persons with injuries sustained from road accidents face a plethora of barriers which include attitudinal, communication, physical, policy, programmatic, social, and transportation. Using the Ubuntu framework, these barriers show that there is usually lack of justice, inclusion, humanness, respect and engagement towards persons with injuries sustained from road accidents. This article posits that the treatment of persons with injuries sustained from road accidents in Zimbabwe is not cast in stone but can be restructured and renegotiated through community engagement to represent genuine inclusion.
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ISSN: 2788-8169
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