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Title: Socio-Economic Challenges Faced by Persons with Disabilities Induced by Road Traffic Accidents in Zimbabwe: The Case of St Giles Rehabilitation Centre, Harare.
Authors: Mwapaura, Kudzai
Chikoko, Witness
Nyabeze, Kudzai
Zvokuomba, Kwashirai
Keywords: Socio-economic, disabilities, challenges, road accidents, social model, Zimbabwe
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: AfriFuture Research Bulletin
Abstract: This paper examines the socio-economic challenges faced by persons with disabilities induced by road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe. The study adopted a qualitative methodology, punctuated by a case study research design so as to have a deeper understanding of the realities of persons with disabilities. A social model of disability was the analytical framework adopted. Research findings revealed that persons with disabilities induced by road accidents sustained some permanent injuries and noted some social and economic problems which include loss of relationships, sleeping difficulties, loss of income and expensive medical treatments as well as legal challenges. This paper focuses on these challenges as a problem that is fuelled by societies’ perceptions and long-standing patterns of behaviour towards victims of road carnage. Utilising a social model conceptual framework, persons living with disabilities induced by road accidents live isolated lives due to discrimination and prejudice. The study recommends that persons living with disabilities prompted by road accidents should be educated to accept self, improve rehabilitation, increasing disability awareness, establishing employment standards, and consider options for reducing or removing out of pocket payments as some of the measures that can be used to restore social functioning of persons with disabilities prompted by road accidents
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