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Title: Messianic Characterisation of Mugabe as Rhetorical Propaganda to Legitimise his Authority in Crisis Situations
Authors: Musendekwa, Menard
Keywords: Crises; messianic expectation; messianic characterisation; propaganda; hope; social crisis; economic crisis; political crisis; religious crisis; political independence
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Church History Society of Southern Africa and Unisa Press
Series/Report no.: 44;3
Abstract: Messianic expectations in Zimbabwe follow the biblical trends where messianic promises were intended to stimulate hope for ancient Israel during socio-economic, political and religious crises. The Zimbabwe situation during the early 2010s was characterised by socio-economic, political and religious crises. This research explores the circumstances in which Robert Mugabe was hailed as national Messiah. While it was genuine prophetic promises for a better future in ancient Israel, the messianic characterisation of Mugabe was used as political rhetoric and propaganda to legitimise the role of Mugabe as the sole liberator and candidate for leadership of the nation of Zimbabwe. This research responds to the question: What triggers messianic characterisation like that popular in Zimbabwe? This research has proved that such messianic characterisation intends to fill the gap where the nation’s expectation of a Messiah constitutes the response to socio-economic, political and religious crises
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/38
ISSN: 2412-4265
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