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Title: African burial practices as havens that promote the spread of cholera in Zimbabwe
Authors: Munamati, Simbarashe
Musendekwa, Menard
Keywords: African Burial Practices, Cholera, Havens, Rites, Rituals
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Journal of Applied Research on Public Health Management
Abstract: The research presents the results of a qualitative study that investigated the African burial practices  as havens that promote the spread of cholera in Zimbabwe which has experienced such outbreaks  in 1992/1993,1998,1999,2002,2008/2009, and 2018. Participants were 10 representatives of 10  families from Machivenyika Village of Zaka District in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe who had cholera-deaths related during the 2018 outbreak. Data collection instruments were semi-structured questionnaires and focus-group discussions. The constant comparative method was used to analyse  data for thematic coding. Findings indicated that participants viewed African burial practices as one  of the major contributing factors in the spread of cholera in Zimbabwe. Participants suggested ways  of improving African burial practices to accomplish positive results. Recommendations were made for the relevant authorities.
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