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Title: Human trafficking discourse in Zimbabwe
Authors: Munamati, Simbarashe
Keywords: Human Trafficking, Law Enforcement Agency, Exploitation, Trafficking in Persons
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Despite being confronted with a myriad of challenges that are economic, social, and environmental, the Zimbabwean nation is overwhelmed by human trafficking cases. Previous studies have established that human trafficking proliferation is orchestrated by religious, social, and economic motives aimed at in most if not all cases self-enrichment. The chapter presents that the Zimbabwean form of human trafficking can take different forms whereby victims may be lured to participate in prostitution, robberies, and suicidal killings whilst in some cases, they can be killed for body organs usage in rituals. The study established that Zimbabwe has experienced many painful years of economic decay. Hence, it has become a breeding ground for both old and new forms of human trafficking. The chapter recommends that awareness campaigns, maximisation of law enforcement agents in combating human trafficking prevalence, and crafting human trafficking-combating policies are some of the various ways the Zimbabwean society can nip human trafficking in the bud.
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