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Title: Mentoring experiences of student pastors from a theological college in Zimbabwe
Authors: Ndamba, Gamuchirai, T.
Munamati, Simbarashe
Keywords: mentor, practicum, religious setting, student pastor, mentor roles
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Journal of New Vision in Educational Research
Abstract: The article presents results of a qualitative study that investigated the perspectives of student pastors who had participated in a one year mentoring programme. Participants were ten student pastors who had each been mentored by an average of three qualified Ministers of Religion in different Reformed Churches in Zimbabwe congregations throughout the country. Data collection instruments were semi-structured questionnaires and focus group discussions. The constant comparative method was used to analyse data for thematic coding. Findings indicated that participants viewed mentoring as a developmental experience since theygained various basic practicalskills in terms of house visits, preaching in different contexts, church council chairing and many other administrative responsibilities.The success of the attachment programme was attributed to those mentors who were capable of providing the necessary guidance and support.However, some challenges were noted, the major ones including failure by mentors to discharge their duties through modelling practice, not giving students the opportunity to practise, and inadequate feedback. Participants suggested ways of improving the practicum periodin order to accomplish positive outcomes. The study recommends that the relevant college conducts a mentor training workshop and compile a document in which it spells out its expectations.
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